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Waste Gasification Project Lands in Yangzhou

H. Sterling signed a joint venture agreement to develop waste gasification and waste-to-energy solutions in the Chinese market on October 23, 2020.

H. Sterling Group Pte. Ltd. partnered with US-based Dynamis Energy LLC and Jiangsu Hengyuan International Engineering Group Co., Ltd. to establish a joint venture by the name of Dynamis (China) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

The joint venture will be registered in the Yangzhou Economic Development Zone and will design and manufacture Dynamis Energy’s patented WasteStation waste management systems for small- and medium-scale applications in the Chinese market.

After two years of market research and discussion, H. Sterling, Hengyuan, and Dynamis Energy finalized strategies for technology transfer, China-based manufacturing, WasteStation operation and management, and market entry. The project consists of two phases—first to introduce WasteStation technology, and second to introduce waste tire treatment technology.

Recent national waste management regulations mean that most waste treatment facilities in China remain far below the standard—especially in smaller cities, towns, and villages. Dynamis Energy’s waste management solutions will supply a new, cost-competitive solution to the Chinese market, helping mitigate many of the waste-related challenges faced by most local governments across the nation.

About Dynamis Energy LLC

Dynamis Energy LLC was formed in 2010 in Idaho, USA to commercialize state of the art proprietary waste-to-energy technology. Dynamis Energy’s modular technology solutions for converting waste to energy represents a more environmentally sound option that is far superior to landfill and earlier waste destruction and energy creation processes. Dynamis Energy’s technologies are in use by governments, public utilities, and the private sector across the United States and Europe. Dynamis Energy’s solutions reduce reliance on fossil fuels, decrease harmful emissions, and provide numerous other long-term benefits, creating a new path toward a sustainable and cleaner world.


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