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As an active, dynamic business player, H. Sterling Group plays a key role in developing energy and industrial manufacturing projects around the world. We create greater market value for our business partners by setting ever-higher benchmarks for cooperation. H. Sterling Group is forever committed to working hand-in-hand with our business partners around the world and serving as a partner of choice in the communities where we operate, providing value and returns to the greater community.

Position: Senior Manager

Location: Beijing, China

- Actively engage in origination, representing the firm in this vital market by interacting with key owners and essential advisors.

- Expect frequent travel and potential short-term assignments in project countries.

Position: Senior Manager

Location: Beijing, China

- Maintain consistent and appropriate contact with partners, presenting a solid and professional image of the company through effective project management.

- Make informed decisions, support team members, and propose solutions to top management when issues exceed their responsibilities.

Be part of H. Sterling for a better future.

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