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H. Sterling Expands on New EV Horizons: Arcfox Lands in Spain

On 9th May, H. Sterling’s affiliate, China EV Group, celebrated with its business partners for the long-expected landing of Arcfox EV series in Spain, another important step moving towards its European EV strategy.


Ms. Jane Zheng, Executive Director of China EV Group as well as the head of Arcfox EU Co Ltd. thanked her business partners in Spain making the landing of Arcfox happen in just 4 month time and emphasized the unique position of Arcfox models in the market “Our innovative models will transform the market by combining comfort, family-friendly designs, and robust off-road capabilities”. She also announced that, with the intention of offering a new driving experience for customers as well as the ethos of “sustainable mobility”, an initial plan is revealed which includes distribution to 24 Spanish dealerships within this year.

From left to right: Jane Zheng, Director of China EV Group and Arcfox Automotive Spain (left);  Francisco Barea, President of the Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao (center left);  Yu Tao,  Director of Overseas Market at BAIC NEV (center right);  Jose Lopes, Partner of Atium Logistics (right)

China EV Group, as the commercial wing and marketing force of Arcfox EV, has already made its headway in a number of EU countries with both the conclusion of regional dealerships and deliveries since WVTA was granted last year.  China EV Group will continue to explore the opportunities in Spain of investing in EV charging infrastructure and assembling & manufacturing capability in the near future.


Alongside with BAIC New Energy Vehicles (NEV) - one of strategic Chinese EV partners with China EV Group, Jane welcomed the new addition of further partnership with the Port Authority of Ferrol to establish a port of entry for Arcfox into EU.  As the first batch of demo vehicles, four of the Arcfox EV models have arrived at Ferrol and a fifth model will be added to this, expected to be revealed between May and June.


With an initial investment of €5 million to adapt facilities in Ferrol and 50 direct jobs created for the first arrival of the models, Jane reiterated the significance of the Spanish market for the ARCFOX overseas operation, stating that “My base will be in Ferrol”. 


Mr. Yu Tao, head of marketing of BAIC NEV, commented that the opening of facilities at port of Ferrol is a crucial step for Arcfox’s plans to expand on the European market and highlighted the importance of the project in revolutionizing the continental scene.


Mr. Francisco Barea, President of the Port Authority of Ferrol, highlighted the commitment to continue creating new investments by pursuing opportunities to open new traffic such as the Arcfox venture. This will reinforce Port Ferrol’s continued strategic importance as well as placing Ferrol at the forefront for bringing in high-end vehicles to Spain and the rest of Europe. 



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