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All Yantai LNG Storage Tanks Start Foundation Construction

Pile foundations for all five liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tanks is underway at the Yantai LNG receiving terminal in West Yantai Port, Shandong Province, China.

General contractors Harbin Electric Group Co., Ltd. and China Tianchen—a subsidiary of China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.—have successfully installed over 150 piles of 1,940 total on reclaimed land at West Yantai Port—a completion rate of approximately 8%. About 600 personnel are involved in project construction daily, operating over 100 pieces of construction machinery.

On site, safety meetings are being held daily to ensure a safe construction environment. Quality control acceptance tests have been carried out in eight different areas, and three rectification orders have been completed to ensure reliable construction quality.

Phase I will include five LNG storage tanks with a capacity of two hundred thousand cubic meters each. After the first pile was installed within nine days of contract award, Harbin Electric and China Tianchen have pressed forward at full speed to complete pile installation for all five storage tanks. In Phase II, another five storage tanks will double Yantai LNG’s storage capacity to two million cubic meters of LNG by 2025.

Construction at Tank #4.

About the Yantai LNG Terminal

With a throughput capacity of five million tons per annum (mtpa), the Yantai LNG terminal is slated to boast the largest LNG storage capacity in China to date, with over one million cubic meters of storage to be built in Phase I alone. LNG will be regasified at a maximum of 1,400 million standard cubic feet per day. 4.0 mtpa will be delivered regasified to end-users via pipeline, 0.5 mtpa via trucked LNG (16 loading bays), and another 0.5 mtpa via LNG transshipment. Significant added LNG storage and supply capacity will transform the demand and supply profiles of natural gas in the province, allowing for more flexible distribution and daily and seasonal peak shaving. The Yantai LNG terminal will be developed into an open platform available to all upstream suppliers and downstream end users, providing door-to-door energy distribution services and driving the energy transition in Shandong.


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