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50 Sleek EVs Ready Going to Israel

Hefei, China

A sendoff ceremony for 50 units of EV sedan E-S2 purchased by Israel-China EV Motors Limited (ICEVM) was held in JAC headquarters on 28th Dec. 2020 after E-S2s had finished its final testing and are preparing to be shipped to Israel.

In August 2020, ICEVM and its Chinese business partner H. Sterling Group signed an official contract with JAC for purchase of 6 demo cars for testing in Israel. This delivery is the first batch of a large quantity of the said vehicles to be procured and delivered by ICEVM. With a number of other high-end EV demos to be delivered for testing very soon, we are confident that more Chinese EVs will make their appearance in the Israeli market.

In October 2019, a joint venture in the name of ICEVM was established by Gridish Holdings and H. Sterling Group with a hope and confidence of growing its business to be the largest EV dealer inside the country by working with major Chinese EV manufactures. In December 2019, two months after the establishment of the company, ICEVM introduced a number of 10 - 12 meters public buses, high-end tourist coaches and double-deckers from Ankai Bus Company for road testing and marketing trial. In April 2020, ICEVM again purchased 6 units of EV sedan E-S2 from JAC for homoligation and road testing. All these very first attempts proved to be a great success. In August 2020, ICEVM confirmed to place its first purchase order of 23 buses from Ankai and, at the same, the first commercial order of 50 units of EV sedan E-S2 started with the production.

In the last two years, ICEVM launched a full-scale EV marketing campaign through the country. In November 2019, ICEVM completed the construction of its first Chinese EV exhibition center in Natacia, Israel, which is now a home for many Chinese EV buses, high-end coaches , EV sedans and various types of charging stations. In the meantime, ICVEM has built five brand new EV maintenance centers in major cities in Israel. With the previously associated vehicle repair centers, ICEVM has now nearly 20 automobile repair centers which are capable of providing speedy recovery and after-sales service to the customers.

As a multi-level enterprise in real estate, finance, cyber technology and other industries with more than a half-million client data and information, ICEVM is very precise in providing to the local vehicle clients with loading servicing, car insurance, trade-in old cars for the new and one-year free-recharging service. With many top-level professionals in vehicle homologation, I.T, electronic control, mechanical engineering and etc., ICEVM is also providing service to the Chinese EV manufacturers in their EU homologation and guarantees that the work shall be done in a short possible time.

After a two-year painstaking efforts, ICEVM has proudly surpassed many traditional diesel & gasoline vehicle dealers inside the country to have become the largest EV marketing agent and service provider in Israel and has become a strategic business partner and exclusive regional agent with a number of Chinese EV brands and recharging companies including Ankai, JAC, SSE.

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