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Yantai LNG succeeded in its first storage tank vault lifting

On March 31, Yantai LNG succeeded in its vault lifting of its first storage tank. The vault lifting is one of the important milestones in the construction of large LNG storage tanks. A tank vault consists of 24 pieces and the related accessories. The operation is to pressurize the inner closed space to lift up the vault to the designed position.

The Yantai LNG consists of five 200,000 cubic meter storage tanks, with each of the supporting platforms 92 meters in diameter and 60.8 meters in height. The dome structure weighs 756 metric tons, a span of 86.3 meters. The success of the first vault lifting is the prelude to the remaining four tanks, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of April. It also marks the tank construction will soon enter into the inner installation stage.


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