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Yantai LNG Storage Tank Pile Installation Pushes Onward

Yantai, China

Engineers and technicians at the construction site of Yantai LNG receiving terminal have been working continuously and relentlessly despite unprecedented cold temperatures this winter to push forward the construction of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tanks. While maintaining strict pandemic controls and high safety standards, the construction team has met all engineering requirements and project deadlines while maintaining high quality standards.

Treatment and testing of foundation sites for all five 200,000 cubic meter storage tanks are complete, with 835 piles already installed as of writing (43% complete). Each pile is installed using GPS satellite positioning technology to ensure that each pile is stable, accurate and durable. At present, 620 engineers and technicians and 196 pieces of construction equipment are working on the site, and 12,000 tonnes of reinforcing steel have been used.

Evening construction at Tanks #3 and #4

On-site offices and dormitories also near completion, awaiting utility installation, and will allow for improved efficiency and greater control over project implementation.


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