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Harbin Electric Group Speeds Up Yantai LNG Construction

On Nov 13, 2020, a senior management team from Harbin Electric Group (HEG) visited Yantai LNG and expressed their interest in gas-to-power investment in the Province.

HEG team met with the senior management of Yantai LNG to review the construction progress and discuss the potential corporation on a multi-level basis. They paid a visit to the Administration of Yantai Economic Development Zone and voiced their interest to the local government for investing combined-cycle gas power stations in the region during the meeting. The visiting team also visited the construction site of Yantai LNG to greet their fellow colleagues working on the ground.

After being awarded with the EPC contract on Oct 22, 2020, HEG and China Tianchen Chemical Engineering Corporation (TCC) just beat the record of completing the first pile for a 200,000m3 LNG storage tank 9 days after the contract was signed. Congrats to the engineers and workers both on the scene and behind!


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