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 LNG to Power with Integrated Solutions

With a huge discovery of natural gas in the emerging markets in the few years, gas will remain as the base-load of energy and power for the next ten to twenty years especially for those who are still suffering from the power shortage. Recent breakthroughs in technology have made barge-mounted LNG, LNG to power competitive against the traditional land-based LNG facilities.

We are confident that barged-based LNG plant will soon become an effective means for governments and businesses to address the energy issues and provide reliable sources of energy supply to local communities around the world.

H. Sterling Group is actively working with the world leading LNG technology and solution provider, committed to bringing integrated LNG to power solutions to the global emerging markets and providing the base-load, affordable and reliable source of power in very efficient way. Our efforts are dedicated to the floating LNG facilities, LNG to Power and other clean energy solutions.


H. Sterling Group, possessing a solid, long-term relationships with business leaders in emerging markets for decades, has never stopped efforts in exploring LNG-based power generation to provide efficient and affordable solutions to the local communities.

Collaborating with our world-class business partners in maritime engineering and power generation, H. Sterling Group, in working with reputable energy investment funds and leasing banks, is in a position to provide turn-key projects including land-based LNG receiving terminals, floating storage regasification units (FSRUs),  methanol and ammonia-driven power generation to meet rapidly rising energy demand in the developing world.

Energy Project Consulting

Supported by our experienced petrochemical engineers, H. Sterling Group also provides energy consulting services to clients in a number of emerging markets. Our services include project planning, terminal and power plant design, construction, and project financing.


Cambodian Natural Gas Corp. Ltd. (CNGC) is the sole investor and operator of natural gas in Cambodia. H. Sterling Group provided engineering services to CNGC who plans to develop 2,700 hectares of coastal land near Sihanoukville Port into a clean energy industrial park. The park will house an LNG terminal, regasification unit, gas power plant and cold temperature applications. The terminal will be able to regasify 1.5 million tons of LNG per year, which will support a 1,200 MW gas power plant.

 As a pioneer of LNG to gas  and a solution provider in a number of developing countries like Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria and etcH. Sterling Group all-inclusive consulting services ranging from project planning, engineering design, and feasibility studies to project financing and equipment procurement.

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