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Mobile Waste Management

H. Sterling aims to reduce environmental impacts in every project it undertakes. H. Sterling Group is working with partners to introduce an advanced waste management technology based on gasification and advanced thermal conversion technologies.

This new technology uses state-of-the-art equipment that allows the system to achieve low emissions and eliminate the need for auxiliary emissions capture equipment. The system has several design features that make it more environmentally compliant than most other thermal treatment technologies and can meet or exceed any environmental standards from around the world. It is a highly mobile system with a modular concept, where the size of the proposed project will dictate the number of chambers to be used.

This new technology will provide destruction via thermal gasification of any daily waste, especially medical waste: biohazards, pathogens and chemotherapeutic wastes for hospitals, pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and research & development institutions. Destruction by thermal gasification ensures the greatest liability protection, and is the safest, most reliable method for disposing of biohazardous waste.


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