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H. Sterling: An EV Solution Provider

With years of cooperation with leading automobile manufacturers across China, H. Sterling is an expert in providing one-stop solutions for marketing of Chinese-made EVs in international markets. H. Sterling provides customized solutions according to specific market conditions and helps governments to transform their transportation systems. 


 H. Sterling has been working with several EV manufacturers to market their products abroad. By teaming up closely with our partners around the world, we are exploring and establishing the EV value chain in emerging markets by supplying EVs and EV components from China and setting up showrooms, retail shops, warehouses, and maintenance centers in target markets.


Exclusive Dealership

H. Sterling successfully brings EV manufacturers from China to new markets overseas and works closely with our local partners to organize the entire distribution value chain, which includes showrooms, retailing shops, warehouses, and maintenance centers. We welcome local enterprises with automobile marketing experience to partner with us and market EVs on an exclusive dealership basis in new markets.

Local Assembly & Manufacturing

H. Sterling works with local partners to introduce assembly and manufacturing capacity of EVs to target markets. By helping revitalize existing industrial facilities and supplies to set up manufacturing capability inside the country, H. Sterling works in markets where governments have provided incentives to update their public transportation and other ground transports. Local Assembly & Manufacturingients and partners in over 130 countries.


 Investing in local assembly & manufacturing requires that local governments have a substantial vehicle upgrading policies and off-taking commitments from the local businesses. With this support, investment in local projects can happen quickly and ensure that projects are sustainable.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

For EV automakers in countries with strong automobile manufacturing capacities and that intend to switch from gasoline to electric in order to keep the pace with the world EV trends, H. Sterling can find quality manufacturers to supply international EV automakers with cost-competitive major components on an OEM basis, so that international EV automakers can produce and market their EVs with their own technical standards and brands. H. Sterling can work between manufacturers and international EV automakers to synthesize technical roadmaps and production plans for local manufacturing, with on-job technical training and support throughout the process.

EV Charging Solutions

H. Sterling has partnered with leading EV charging manufacturers to accompany our EV projects or to supply established EV markets. Customized solutions have been prepared for projects ranging from charging centers and individual charging stations to mobile charging, solar charging, and cloud data management. Solutions include CE and IEC certifications, expanding market reach to every corner of the globe.

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