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Energy Project Consulting

Supported by our experienced petrochemical engineers, H. Sterling Group also provides LNG project consulting to clients in many emerging markets. Our services include project planning, terminal and power plant design, construction, and project financing.

Cambodian Natural Gas Corp. Ltd. (CNGC) is the sole investor and operator of natural gas in Cambodia. CNGC plans to develop 2,700 hectares of coastal land near Sihanoukville Port into a clean energy industrial park. The park will house an LNG terminal, regasification unit, gas power plant and cold temperature applications. The terminal will be able to regasify 1.5 million tons of LNG per year, which will support a 1,200 MW gas power plant.

As CNGC’s primary business partner, H. Sterling Group provides all-inclusive consulting services ranging from project planning, engineering design, and feasibility studies to project financing and equipment procurement.


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