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H. Sterling Witnessed Departure of EV Buses to Israel

On November 19, 2021, a departure ceremony of the 2nd batch of 12M electric buses exported to Israel by Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd. was held in Hefei, Anhui Province, thanks to the joint efforts of H. Sterling Group and Israel EV Motors Co. Ltd,. Zhang Haiyang, President of Ankai Automobile International, and Wang Xiaoguang, VP of Ankai Automobile International; Zheng Fang, executive director of H. Sterling Group and Lily Liu, project manager, attended the ceremony.

Since 2019, H. Sterling Group formed an alliance with Israeli EV Motors company to introduce and export Chinese advanced electric vehicles into Israel and expected to become the leading electric vehicle service provider in Israel. Soon after the alliance, Israel EV Motors imported quite a number of electric demo vehicles, including inner-city bus, tourist bus, double decks and passenger cars. At the same time, the two sides established a professional marketing team and actively participated in and sponsored the Israeli EV industry summit and exhibition. Through the unremitting efforts of both sides for over two years, Ankai bus, JAC automobile and SSE EV charging have become household names, gained a good reputation and won a market opportunity for Chinese EV enterprises in Israeli.

With a full support from H. Sterling Group, Israeli EV Motors company signed a number of sales, lease and service provision contracts with large vehicle operation enterprises in Israel. H. Sterling Group and Israel EV Motors company will continue to endeavor exploring the Israeli market, broadening product categories and empowering Israel's new energy transformation.

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