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H. Sterling Aids Israeli Partner for a New EV Era

On April 17, 2022, Israel launched its largest-ever Auto Show in Tel Aviv, which attracted thousands of visitors from around the country. EV Motors, with its solely represented electric cars, vans and buses from the Chinese auto giants like JAV, Ankai, SSE EV Charging as well as WM Motor, became the spotlight of the Auto Show.

EV Motors have been working with JAC and Ankai for nearly three years marketing their products in Israel and the outcomes proved to be very successful in selling their vehicles under the small WVTA despite of the Covid. With tremendous efforts made, EV Motors signed a dealership agreement with WM Motor early this year and, within a very short period of time, managed to ship three flagship EV cars to Israel for the the show.

Apart from JAC, Ankai, SSE EV Charging and WM Motor, EV Motors is also working in a partnership with Gencell - a Israeli green energy producer in terms of providing off- grid electricity supply to EVs throughout Israel. Over 3000 applicants has registered as potential buyers and over 50 pieces of articles from local newspapers, TVs and websites providing the coverages of EV Motors with its outstanding achievements in Israel.

H. Sterling has been partnering with Israeli EV Motors for the last many years in working with a number of renowned Chinese EV manufacturers and promoting their businesses in the fast-growing EV market of Israel. A lot of efforts were made by H. Sterling team in technical discussions, shipping the demo cars, business planning with the manufacturers, problem-shooting for vehicles running in Israel. This year will see a busy time for both EV Motors and H. Sterling in delivering more and more EVs into Israel.

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