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E.V. Motors: The Rising Star of EV dealership in Israel

On August 8th, after more than two years of preparation, E.V. Motors, a rising star in the field of electric vehicle distribution in Israel, held its brand promotion and launching ceremony for its new models in Natanya, Israel. The event received widespread attention from the Israeli industry and was attended by representatives of several city governments, as well as user companies, public transport, banks, insurance companies, after-sales service, etc.

E.V. Motors, a subsidiary of Gridish group, is a service operator specializing in electric vehicles. In recent years, with the support of government policies to encourage electric vehicles as well as Gridish group's experience in commerce, real estate, banking and insurance, E.V. Motors has emerged as a promising star in areas such as electric vehicle sales, automobile finance, insurance, after-sales service and A.I transportation.

In September 2019, H. Sterling Group and EV Motors reached an agreement to jointly explore the Israeli electric vehicle market and strive to build EV Motors into a large professional electric vehicle dealer and EV charging scheme provider with the ambition to become the market leader within 3 to 5 years. After more than two years of efforts, H. Sterling Group has helped E.V. Motors complete the negotiations with numerous Chinese businesses specializing in automobiles and EV charging, signing cooperation agreements with JAC, Ankai bus, SSE charging and other enterprises, and invested in various models including buses, passenger vehicles, SUVs, as well as EV charging products to further develop the Israeli market. E.V. Motors has provided a package solution comprising of both the public and the private sectors. Between 2020 and 2021, EV Motors has successively purchased buses and tourist buses, and successfully won over dozens of batch orders in the bidding of urban buses. In terms of passenger vehicles,, the first batch of orders which comprises of 50 JAC passenger vehicles, being delivered to Hong Kong, generating strong and positive responses to the Israeli market. In the increasingly competitive field of electric vehicles in Israel, E.V. Motors worked alongside H. Sterling, to introduce two of the latest JAC models and the supporting multi-type EV charging station, further improving the product line of passenger vehicles from E.V. Motors.

In the coming future, H. Sterling Group will continue to utilize its advantages, actively coordinating the resources of our Israeli partners, assisting domestic automobile enterprises and supporting enterprises in EV charging, expanding the market share of Chinese electric vehicles and charging products in Israel. We strive to promote EV Motors as the largest integrated provider of electric vehicles and charging solutions in Israel.

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