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H. Sterling's Commitment Continues with the Debut of Arcfox's New Model

The Guangzhou Auto Show 2023, held from November 18-24, marked the debut of the Arcfox αT5, a fresh addition to the electric vehicle market. This innovative vehicle seamlessly combines luxury, efficiency, and affordability, making it an attractive choice for a wide range of consumers. H. Sterling Group with its affiliate, China EV Group, played a pivotal role in securing EU homologation and certification for the initial, more luxurious S and T models of the Arcfox series mid of this year. The marketing efforts for these models have already commenced in Europe.

H. Sterling and China EV Group forged a strategic partnership with BAIC Bluepark, an affiliate of Beijing Motors Co. Ltd, encompassing various business sectors such as technical support, EU homologation and certification, marketing rights, vehicle warehousing, and after-sales service in the international market. Our commitment to collaborating with our business partners remains steadfast as we launch our products in Europe, with the Arcfox EU head office. We are dedicated to providing unwavering support to ensure that the αT5 model obtains the necessary licenses for global market success in the next few months. The marriage of sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology in Arcfox EVs has set a new benchmark in the electric vehicle industry. We firmly believe that the αT5 will be a game-changer in the global electric vehicle sector. Our pride lies in our unwavering dedication to advancing eco-friendly mobility solutions, and we are confident that our efforts will contribute to a cleaner world for generations to come.

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