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​New Driving Force in Green Mobility

As specialized EV platforms of H. Sterling Group, China EV Group and Arcfox International are the two major vehicles  promoting the green mobility aligns with global efforts to address climate change and build a more sustainable future. Committed to the sustainable energy and green transportation, China EV, with its R&D and testing centers both in Beijing and Shanghai,  is dedicated to promoting China highest-standard electric vehicles to the global market by taking the advantage of years of working experiences and servicing in EV product development, international certification and homologation, and marketing efforts.  

In order to get closer to the market, reduce transportation and tariff costs, and provide more convenient services for the clients, China EV is working with its partners in setting up Europe-based warehouse of EVs and spares, developing right-hand drive models, and taking steps to set up KD factories in the emerging markets. ​

China EV forged a strategic partnership with BAIC Bluepark, a JV between Beijing Motors Co. Ltd and Magna International, world famous automobile manufacturer,  encompassing business sectors such as technical support, EU homologation and certification, global marketing rights, overseas vehicle warehouse and after-sales service in the international market. 

The marriage of sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology in Arcfox EVs have set a new benchmark in the electric vehicle industry. As we are establishing with our business partners the global sales network,  We firmly believe that Arcfox new models will be a game-changer in the world electric vehicle sector. 

Our commitment to collaborating with our business partners remains steadfast as we are launching our head office in Europe and continuously dedicated to providing the newest technology-leading EVs and  after-sale service to our business partners to ensure that they will succeed  in gaining  more market share in a growing economy of green mobility. Our pride lies in our unwavering dedication to advancing eco-friendly mobility solutions, and we are confident that our efforts will contribute to a cleaner world for generations to come. 

EV Marketing and Service

With years of profound across-country working experiences and value-added service to the leading automobile industries across China, China EV is always exploring and establishing EV value chain by  providing customized solutions for marketing and localization of electric vehicles both in developing and developed world, helping the local economies and businesses with green mobility drive.

Local EV Industry Partners

China EV  maintains solid relationships with the government and businesses around the world. We respond actively to development initiatives from governments and work with local business partners to have set up assembly plants and other infrastructure in emerging  markets, increasing domestic production capacity and meeting increasing demand in fast-growing economies.

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