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Company Structure

1. H. Sterling Group Pte. Ltd.

A Singapore-based asset-holding company for managing LNG investments and financing;

(a) H. Sterling LNG Terminal Holding Ltd. 

(b) H. Sterling Gas Pipeline Holding Ltd.

2. H. Sterling Energy & Financing Pte. Ltd.

Global LNG and gas-to-power business development and equity investment;

3. H. Sterling Global Energy Pte. Ltd.

LNG and Commodities trade for supplying Chinese market;

4. H. Sterling Petroleum & Chemicals (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd.

Energy engineering consulting and domestic distribution of refined petroleum products;

5. H. Sterling Energy Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Clean energy business development and marketing;

Industrial manufacturing and marketing of clean energy industrial products.



Innovation Building, Suite 702 

555 Panyu Avenue North, Panyu District Guangzhou 511400, China


Parkview Place, Suite 801

2 East 4th Ring Road North 

Chaoyang District, Beijing 100025, China


Gateway East #14-03 

152 Beach Road, Singapore 189721

H. Sterling, Striving for Quality Service